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Home teamvsAway teamDateOrder
Team ONEvsTeam TWOFri 02-Feb321
- NoHome PlayerScoreAway PlayerScore
  1: Leigh Evans1:3:58vsCourtney Lowry0:1:47
  2: walkover walkover0:2:47vsSue Hawley0:2:58
  3: Denise James0:2:45vsCorrol Cambrea0:2:51
Team THREEvsTeam FOURFri 02-Feb321
- NoHome PlayerScoreAway PlayerScore
  1: Carmel Shannon0:1:50vsBronwyn Heller1:3:52
  2: Marg Hartney0:2:50vsStefi Sorrentino0:2:44
  3: Dawn Selwood0:2:56vsShirley Bakker0:1:53