What the to NWSL?

The North West Squash League (NWSL) is an league that governs squash competition in the north west part of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What competitions are run by the NWSL?

There are various competition run by the NWSL, these include:

How is the league governed?

There is an executive committee, a player tribunal and it is governed by the leagues By Laws. The NWSL Code of Conduct governs out league, more role-specific codes of conduct provided by Squash Australia. The singles squash rules followed are based on the World Squash Federation.

Where is the competitions held?

Various squash court centers that are part of the NWSL, click here for details.

How can I get involved?

Contact the squash center nearest you!

Official Online Squash Sites

Captain a team in a Competition

A captain of a squash team you have a bunch of guidelines to help you run your team smoothly!!!

Want to make a report on conduct?

You wish to make a report on someone conduct during a competition match? Download pdf or doc; Fill it in and submit to chairman of your Pennant competition.

NWSL Committee of Management

Lynne Spark

President, Thursday Pennant Chair

contact via email click here

Sue Rainey


contact via email click here

Sue Tennent


contact via email click here

Ute Cottee

Records & Midweek Pennant Chair

contact via email click here

Player Tribunal

Angela Burton (PEGS)

Tribunal Chair

Brian Simpson (Essendon)

Appeals Chair