Midweek Competition

The midweek competition occurs on Monday and Tuesday nights at the various squash centers that are part of the NWSL. Each team has a designated HOME night, which is either Monday or Tuesday. Each team is also placed in a particular grade that matches their skill level. Each team must have at least 3 people to compete at each match during the fixtured season and finals. The players on a team are ranked, which decides playing matchups with an opposition team, i.e. player no 1 from each team play each other, player no 2 from each team play each other... and so on.

Summary of Midweek pennant:

  • Squash PARS to 15 (first to 15 wins); if both players reach 14, the first player to reach 14 can decide LONG (to 17) or SHORT (to 15)
  • Grade 1-5 use a Double yellow dot ball; Grade 6&7 use a single yellow dot ball
  • During fixtured season, players position on the team can be reviewed.
  • At end of each night the home team provides supper.

2016 Spring



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2016 Autumn

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